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Paul's Ensemble Male Voice Choir Megnanapuram-India

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Paul's Ensemble Male Voice Choir Megnanapuram

Paul's Ensemble Male Voice Choir

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St.Paul’s Ensemble Male Voice Choir,Megnanapuram, India have been entertaining audiences for over fifteen years, and membership has increased from a handful to a current figure of around thirty. Practices are still held in Mr.Devapitchai’s house, the choir secretary, YMCA street Meignanapuram. The repertoire now extends too many kindsof music including gospel music, sacred music and spirituals as wellasmodern popular songs and songs from the musical shows. Many concerts arestill played tosmall local audiences.

The Choir's motto is "Proclaiming Jesus none other Name".

The aims and objectives of the St.Paul’s Ensemble MVC shall be to proclaim the Christian Gospel, promote fellowship among Christian men and share in Praise and Testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Saviour. The Choirhas been privileged to proclaim the good news of God's salvation through Christ Jesus in churches, schools and parish halls. The choir performed every Christmas time in the TV like Tamizhan, SS music, Raj, Raj digital plus, Vijay and Pothigai from 1998.

The choir performed and given concerts in various places like Megnanapuram church, Engineers bungalow – Nazareth, Santhinagar church , Rahmath nagar church, Xaviers colony, Thirumariyoor , SDA- school pragasapuram, Sawyerpuram, Mudalur church, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Jenifa - Srivilliputhur and Anna nagar church, Chennai. The St.Paul’s ensemble MVC is committed to glorifying and serving God through musical excellence. We pray our lives and the lives of others will be profoundly changed as we are brought together, sharing our faith through music ministry.

We are an ecumenical chorus supporting one another in the spiritual journey. With Christ, our desire is to offer hope and healing to change our world. The Choir was founded for the sole purpose of bringing men together to praise, worship, and glorify God through song and music. The songs used are selected for simplicity in style of word and music, and all aim at magnifying the person of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the only author and maker of our salvation. Since singing is so good a thing, Let every body sing.

“Preaching may end on earth but singing is eternal”



Choir Director










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We participated in the Christmas Carol Concert at Military line Church,Palayamcottai on 26.11.2016

We  rendered Easter concert at Holy Trinity English Church (250 Years old Church),Tuticorin on 03.04.2016 , 6.30 pm .

We  proudly rendered Easter concert at Caldwell Memorial Church,Tuticorin on 28.03.2016 , 6.30 pm .

Christmas Carols by Paul’s Ensemble MVC,Megnanapuram on 25.12.2015 Pothigai T.V and Sathiyam T.V - Chennai

Christmas Carols by Paul’s Ensemble MVC,Megnanapuram on 28.11.2015 at St.paul’s Church,Chrompet .


Christmas Carols by Paul’s Ensemble MVC,Megnanapuram on 28.11.2015 at Maraimalai nagar Church,Chennai.

Christmas Carols by Paul’s Ensemble MVC,Megnanapuram on 25.12.2014 Pothigai T.V and Sathiyam  T.V - Chennai

We  proudly rendered Easter concert at Caldwell Memorial Church,Tuticorin on 12.04.2012 , 6.30 pm .

Our Choir proudly presented “The Cross and Resurrection” concert at Megnanapuram on 17.04.2011 at 2 pm and Produced a DVD (Live Recording).

We had a concert on 24.09.2010 At Kanyakumari at 6pm Sponsored by Indian Christian Medical Association.

We had a concert on 05.04.2009 at Caldwell Memorial Church,Tuticorin at 6pm

Christmas Carols by Paul’s Ensemble MVC,Megnanapuram on 25.12.2005 Pothigai T.V and SS music T.V - Chennai

‘Kiristhava Keerthanai’ Tamil Music book release on 19th September , 2004 at Tuticorin 6 pm Concert by Paul’s Ensemble MVC,Megnanapuram.

Sacred and Gospel  Concert at JENIFA Srivilliputhur on 22 nd August, 2004 4pm.

Our Choir proudly presented a Christmas Programme at the premises of St.Michael Church, Mudalur on

11.12.2004  at  7 pm













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The Church which made a Hamlet Famous


Megnanapurarn is a village panchayat in Tuticorin District just 13 Km West of the temple town of Tiriichendur. But Megnanapurarn is better known as an ancient and famous Christian Village. It has a population of about 10000 literate people. This is one of the very few Christian Villages in India in 1830 when a few families embraced Christianity the name of the village was changed from Nedu Vilai to Megnana­purarn (the abode of true wisdom). Rev John Thomas of Pembroke in Wales who took charge of this village congregation in 1837, was the man behind the all-round develop­ment of this village.

He was a great visionary. While there was only a very few Christian families in Megnanapurarn during the middle of the 19th century, he built a very beautiful and impressive Church in Catholic style big enough to hold 3000 people. His dream came true only by the turn of this century when during the mid-day service on Sundays, the Church is full to the walls. The Church is 110 feet long and 55 feet wide, with a steeple in the front soaring into the sky a height of 192 feet. This is one of the biggest Churches with the tallest steeple in India, Lord Napier, the Governor of Madras Presidency who dedicated this Church Tower and who in his way a no mean critic or Architecture, described this church as a finest attempt he had seen to transplant the splendors of Gothic Architecture into a soil and atmosphere not by any means favourable to it.

He was greatly taken up with this church that he rode on his mare all around this church to different points from which he could view the splendour of this Church and was never tired afterwards at expressing his admiration of its beauty. It is interesting to note that this church used to be referred to as the "one rupee church" as a rupee then contained 192 paise end the height of the tower of the Church is 192 feet. By climbing a few storeys up the tower, one can com­mand a panoromic view of many miles of sandy places all round. The name of the church at Megnana­purarn is St. Paul's Church and hence St. Paul’s day which falls on 25th January is celebrated on a grand scale every year. Apart fromn the religious ceremonies, the main attraction of the festival is the Com­munity Dinner, commonly known as 'Asanam' in Tamil. On 28—1— 2011 about 18 tonnes of rice was cooked and served. It means about 1,00,000 people of all caste, creed and religion had taken part in this asanam. Sumptuous Food is served on plantain leaves with the people 'quailing on the sandy stretches in front of the church. Thousands are fed at one sitting.

Most of the natives of Megnana­purarn who are living elsewhere in this country will make it a point to attend this Asanam just as Hindus will do for their village temple festivals and consequently every home entertains more than one family as guests. Hence the village will get flooded with people from far and near and all over on that day. It is remarkable that as early as 1846 separate schools for bays and girls were established at Megnanapuram.

Tha boys school was progressively raised to a high school even in the year 1888 and now as a higher secondary school. The girls school had the unique privilege of having electricity to its complex as early as 1930. when that commodity was not heard of in that part of the country. The boys high school which was called C. M. S. High School till 1951 was renamed Ambrose High School. Rev. Ambrose V. Thomas a multi-linguist It was the only High School in Tiruchendur Taluk till 1930 and so it had to cater to the educa­tional needs of the young boys of the adja­cent Taluk also for about halt a century.

This century old school had produced an array of distinguished men such as four Bishops, one of whom Rt Rev. V. S. Azariah was the first non-white Bishop in the world 2 Ministers (Cabinet Rank) of Tamilnadu Government 1 Vice Chancellor of an Univer­sity, the First Indian Scientist to set foot on the north and south poles. A Chief Engineer of the Department of space. Government of India and a Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of a State, Rev.Sebastian who was appointed the first Indian Presbyter at West-Minister Abbey London in 1978 also hail from Megnanapuram. To commemorate Rev. Thomas a college of Education for women has been started at Megnanapuram.

It will be no exaggeration that Megnana­puram is a model village with well laid out long and straight sandy streets and Roads with puccs houses on each side, the like of which cannot be seen anywhere else in the state if not in the country. The village can boast of having all the facilities and amenities normally available in Big towns in India. As the village is in the midst of big towns on all sides it has a net work of good roads on all sides and has frequent bus service from and to Megnanapuram. A village as fully deve­loped as Megnanapuram can seldom be seen anywhere else.


St.Paul's Church , Megnanapuram

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One of the Stateliest churches in the whole of India is St.Paul’s church, Megnanapuram- a village which came under the influence of Rev. RHENIUS at first. In 1830 march 7th (07.03.1830) Rev. RHENIUS changed name of the village “NEDUVILAI” in to ‘ MEGNANAPURAM”(True Wisdom). Rev.JOHN THOMAS who landed here in 1837 took the village to his heart,designed and built the magnificent church which is a ‘must’ for any visitor to tirunelveli.The imposing steeple 192 ft high was added in 1868,the coping stone being fixed by Lord Napier. In a corner of the Church has been buried Rev.JOHN THOMAS.


Rev.John Thomas

John Thomas was born in Wales in 1807. He was at the C.M. College, Islington, 1833-35 ; was ordained deacon by the Bishop of London in 1835, and priest in 1836 by the Bishop of Gloucester, and went at once to Tinnevelly, where he was stationed at Mengnanapuram. He was a deeply religious man with several accomplishments and a great power of organization. Like so many of his countrymen he was a skilled musician with an attractive singing voice. He had a good working knowledge of architecture and a remarkable taste in designing and town planning. In course of time he laid out a new village with broad streets, overcame some sanitary difficulties, erected schools and a Church of real magnificence, whose tower was and is a landmark for travelers for many miles. He visted the villages round and did similar things on a smaller scale for them. The story of these great undertakings is written in the C.M.S. Reports of the period. It is also referred to in terms of admiration by Bishops Spencer of Madras and Cotton of Calcutta in their published works. He was a very able, talented and remarkable leader. He died at Megananapuram in 1870 after 34 years’ service. His widow and unmarried daughter survived him and carried on mission work as managers of the Elliot-Tuxford Girls’ school for many years. His other daughter married a C.M.S. missionary Ashton Dibb ; one son followed in his steps as a missionary, Ashton Dibb ; one son followed in his steps as a missionary ; and two others were in the service of the Madras Government. The missionary cause prospered greatly under his able guidance.