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History of Paul's Ensemble MVC

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ST. PAUL’S ENSEMBLE MALE VOICE CHOIR was established in 1983 at Megnanapuram by unemployed youngsters. In 1983 the choir was called “JOHN TOMO ORCHESTRA”. There were about 45 members. We used to play musics, sing convention songs ,solo songs and hymns .For our orchestra we used some old unforgettable music instrument like BULBULTHARA,KADAM, COCONUTSHELL, GUITAR, MOUTHORGAN, MANDOLIN, HARMONIUM and MORSING. We sang some solo songs in a programme accompanied by the above mentioned instruments. In 80’s It was very nice. I enjoyed very much. We used to sing very popular FMPB song ‘ Athisayamana olimaya nadam’ very often .For that song we used coconut shell. It produce a sound like horse running. We used kadam also. It is a sand pot .Kept the pot very close to the stomach and the rhythm sound (GUM GUM) was produced by striking with the two hands on the pot. It was very interesting .At that time we gave more important to Tamil convention songs. It went for about 6 months.

After that some months had gone, The men members numbers reduced and we added some ladies for singing soprano. So we changed the name ‘St.Paul’s Choral Union’ in 1985.After that we gave very important to Christmas . So we planed to celebrate Christmas Carols service on every 3rd Sunday of December every year. We sang Christmas carols and anthems by caleb Simper and stainer. We sang many Tamil Christmas songs mostly composed by our choir secretary Mr.Christopher Jeyaraj. He is a very good organist and choir master in Rahmath nagar church,Tirunelveli.

On the Carol service day we decorated the stage by the Christmas tree,balloons,serial light and colour paper s under the guidance of Mr.D.Willington. The service started with O come all ye faithful and ended with Silent Night Holy Night. In between we sang Tamil and English Christmas carols. I played organ and guitar in the programme. The choir was very beautifully singing. This was going till 1995. Then the sopranos numbers reduced .

So we have planed to change choir into a male voice choir. So I took charge of the Choir Director. We are about 25 numbers. So I collected some male voice music books for conducting this male voice choir. With much difficulties and prayers I have collected some male voice music books and God gave me strength to conduct the male voice choir. The choir members are very lovable. God has given a wonderful voice to each choir members. The range of the choir members between 18 to 63 years. The members are Students, Warden, Polytechnique, College lecturers, Thasildars ,In come Tax inspectors, Higher secondary school teachers and Bank officers.

We had given programme in All India Radio for 150th year St.Paul’s Church, Megnanapuram church dedication festival. From 1995 to 2003 we had our Christmas carol service on the premises of St.Paul’s Church, Megnanapuram every 3rd Sunday of December.